HOLY FUCK Album Pre-Sale!

"You FOOLS! Find this album immediately and DESTROY all copies or I will give you - er, uh - I will HAVE your head!"

- Hereby decreed and demanded this day by The Sheriff of Nottingham

(One of the best live comedy shows in the country put out a new album! I’m on Track 22 as The Sheriff of Nottingham. Really happy to get to do one of my sketch/character bits for this recording, since they’re usually raucous live things that disappear forever. Three cheers for Holy Fuck!)


THE ALBUM IS DONE. We recorded four shows earlier this year, and 44 comedians, then cut and mixed it and threw on three sketches, and here we are. (It was MUCH more difficult than that sounded. Don’t worry.)


Also, check out this here album art:


Springing Summer with J’Adomes!

Hey superpals! I’m hitting 5 cities for some June fun - fune? - before I take a July hiatus - juliatus! Rounding ‘er out with Arizona, New York, Colorado, Tennessee and Virginia. All these show venues are new to me, so come out and say hi after! 

As always, my shows are very queer-friendly. If you’re gay, say hey! If you’re a homophobe, suck one! (That is actually probably the best advice for homophobes: just suck one and chill out.)

Standup Scottsdale
Scottsdale, Arizona (Y’know, Phoenix-ish.)
THU 5/30 - SAT 6/1
5 shows, plus I’m hoping to learn some libertarian prepper survival tips!

John Oliver’s New York Standup Show - FREE!
New York City (That’s right, Gotham! The Big Apple! Dreamsville!)
TUE 6/4 - 7:30 pm at Webster Hall!
Me + Pete Holmes, Nick Turner, Sarah Schaefer, Reggie Watts, more!

ComedyWorks Denver (Downtown)
Denver, Colorado (duh)
WED 6/5 - SUN 6/9
7 shows for 7 brothers! One of them’s gotta be down to bone, right?

Bonnaroo Music & Arts Festival
Manchester, Tennessee
SAT 6/15 - SUN 6/16
Got shows with David Cross, Comedy Bang Bang and more all weekend!

Arlington Cinema & Drafthouse
Arlington, Virginia
FRI 6/28 - SAT 6/29
2 shows! DC weirdos please come outnumber the police state thugs!

After that, who knows? Well I do, so I’ll tell you: Oregon in August, Indiana in September and Georgia in October. But that’s all so very far away now.

(Photo: Charlie Sotelo)

OctoSquiddle: Know what really creeps me out?How much homophobes are obsessed with…

OctoSquiddle: Know what really creeps me out?How much homophobes are obsessed with...:

Truth. Homophobia contains some very dumb and, sadly, ancient rituals in defense of straight mythology. Good news is people were gay long before we were homophobic. It’s in our bones :)

(via LGBTlaughs)


Know what really creeps me out?

How much homophobes are obsessed with gay sex.

Seriously, any sort of queer content, no matter how subtle, in mainstream media is met with straight people freaking out about how they’re meant to explain gay sex to their children.


Why they gotta be all creepy and suddenly go: Queer subject - “OH, OH SEX, SEX, SEEEEX, OMG QUEER SEX. WOW.”

Or how any same sex kissing is INNAPROPRO, but straight people can passionately mac-the-fuck-out and no one bats and eyelash.

Homophobes think about queer sex more than queer people do. 

Ya’ll have a problem.

James Adomian On The Real Thoughts of The Sheriff of Nottingham


First off, if you haven’t seen James Adomian, then please make your life better and go see him wherever he’s playing ASAP. Second, here’s a snippet of his bit about gay villains, specifically the Sheriff of Nottingham, which, if you also haven’t seen, we feel sorry that you’re really missing out.

Well, well, well, well, WELL!

This is part of the Sheriff of Nottingham/Gay Villains bit from one of my album tapings last summer in Brooklyn.

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