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John Oliver’s NY Stand-Up Show returns July 26th and we’re giving you the chance to ask this season’s featured comedians anything you want before they go on stage. 

Submit your questions using either the “Ask” box on the right side of our Tumblr page or by tweeting to @CCStandUp using the hashtag #CCquestion — you might even hear your question read on the new Comedy Central Radio

If you’re asking them to marry you, please specify which comedian(s).

Check out the list of this season’s comedians below:


Second frame, left side: “Gasp – discovered am I!…

Second frame, left side:

"Gasp - discovered am I! Exeunt!"


The giant squid (Architeuthis) is among the two largest extant invertebrates. A deep-sea dweller, it was not until July 2012 that footage of a living specimen in its natural habitat was recorded, off the coast of Japan. The squid was around 3 meters (9.8 ft) long and was missing its signature pair of feeding tentacles that could have made it up to 7 meters (23 ft) in length.

For the original footage, go here.

Fucking terrifyingly beautiful.

khealywu: hobbitdragon: saint-just: happyfuckingcamper: I…





I require cuttlefish in my life.

these cheered me up when I was in the middle of completely breaking down tonight

i mean how can you feel sad looking at these cute little cephalopods

‘Hello! We are mostly head but our beards are like fingers and feet. Be our friend, if you like!’

"Gentlemen, gentlemen, good eve! I hereby call to order the council of the CUDDLEfish!"