“There is no legal justification for imparting secret knowledge about the NSA’s domestic…”

“There is no legal justification for imparting secret knowledge about the NSA’s domestic surveillance activities only to the 20 members of the House Intelligence Committee.”


Alan Grayson, freedom fighter

The Guardian: "Congressional oversight of the NSA is a joke. I should know, I’m in congress."

Rare congressional ass-kicker Alan Grayson touches on a deeply disturbing corruption of the American system of government: congressional representatives literally aren’t allowed to know what the NSA police state is doing, except for a tiny number of insiders who are carefully selected for their loyalty to that same police state!

Understand: 95% of the *law makers* are kept from knowing how the most important national security laws they pass are implemented (answer: illegally). This is not a legitimate system of government. Whether it was always a scam or recently became a scam, republican democracy in America is a scam: a funhouse charade of liberty and self-rule.

Americans: your claims to freedom under the law in current conditions are utterly fictional and frankly will not hold up to historical scrutiny. Please stop speaking of your freedom under the law in the present tense - “free” as a current quality of being a United States citizen. Start transitioning to some more accurate self-descriptions: "formerly free" or “at one time almost free” or “falsely promised freedom” or “free in spite of this regime” or "potentially one day free.

Good news: I’m joining the Comedy Bang Bang live tour for…

Good news: I’m joining the Comedy Bang Bang live tour for their last night in Washinton DC! With Scott Aukerman, Paul F. Tompkins and The Birthday Boys - what an IFCravaganza! Tix still available for 10pm late show as of this writing!

Bad news: Our seat of government remains mired in gridlock.

Non news: I do standup in Atlanta this weekend and Miami next month!


Scott Aukerman’s Comedy Bang! Bang! LIVE!, featuring special guest Paul F. Tompkins, along with opening act The Birthday Boys, will be hitting the road for a multi-city comedy tour. Kicking off September 28 in Los Angeles, the show will feature a mix of live performance pieces, audience interaction, character drop-ins, and improvisational games, along with sneak peek clips from the series.

The tour is in support of the remaining ten episodes of Comedy Bang! Bang!’s second season which returns from hiatus in October and the series premiere of The Birthday Boys that same month.

Tickets are on sale now!

bzedan: (via YouTube) James Adomian’s album, Low Hangin Fruit…


(via YouTube)

James Adomian’s album, Low Hangin Fruit is a thing of beauty and continues to slay me. This bit, “Gay Villains” explains straight up why I never liked that Ursula was the bad guy (and why I forget the horrific way she is killed). I tried to queue it to the relevant section (3:29) but Tumblr hates YouTube. That’s okay, listen to the whole thing, because it is amazing. Then go buy the album, which is only $10 and has even more moments of beauty.

I gotta look into this guy.