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This new illustration has been a long time coming. I’ve had the idea to create this one since episode 243 of Comedy Bang! Bang! dropped. I really enjoyed that both characters Merill Shindler and Tom Leykis (a la James Adomian) shared a consciousness, so you had disgusting food descriptions mixed with blatant misogynistic jokes. When I listen previous podcasts what I recently noticed is that the ones I mostly listen to are the ones where James Adomian plays a character. When doing image research for this piece I didn’t know that both Merill Shindler and Tom Leykis are real people, was kind of shocking to see because both are such outlandish characters that I couldn’t believe that either exist. As a side note I recently bought the Comedy Bang! Bang! 2013 Live Tour, so far only halfway through it but really loving it.

With this illustration I decided to create a faux podcast cover for the oddly paired characters. It was hard to create a likeness of both Tom and Schindler so I decided to go a more creative way I believe. I scoured the internet for a picture of Leykis, I found one that suited my needs and decided to incorporate elements of Shindler. I chose to use Schinders beard and bald as a way of showing that by Tom was channeling Merill Shindler rather than morphing into Merill. With the logo and the background I was looking for a more edgier look so I decided to use a steel sheet as a texture to give the illustration an more raw and hardcore feel. Also by using a bold and slightly slanted text I believe I gave the logo a more forward and edgier look. Overall this piece started out as a pain in the ass to create because I kept flip flopping on what color to use, what texture etc. I believe that by using certain techniques I was able to achieve what I was looking for. As a side note would totally listen to a podcast if James Adomian created one. BTW if anyone is wondering where the tag line for the show comes from it is a mash of one of the things he said in his first appearance as well as the name of Merill Shindlers show.