March: LA this week, Chicago next!


LA: I’m at five shows tonight thru saturday! WED 3/19 Super Serious Show 8pm at The Virgil; THU 3/20 Comedy Palace 9pm at China Palace; FRI 3/21 Night Cap 9pm at Goorin Brothers; SAT 3/22 Seems Legit 7pm at Nerdmelt + Top Floor Comedy 9pm at a penthouse near Wilshire/La Brea.

CHICAGO: Returning to the very fun Zanies Comedy Club for almost a full week of shows, including Adam Guerino’s pioneering Queer Comedy show on TUE 3/25, followed by 8 more shows at Zanies WED 3/26 thru SUN 3/30!


AUSTIN: I’ll be back for more fun at the Moontower Comedy & Oddity Festival in April! 

(photo: Sharon Alagna)

astrodidact: via All Science, All The Time/fb For the first…


via All Science, All The Time/fb

For the first time, a phenomenon known as a glory was imaged on another planet: Venus. A glory produces a halo of colors of the rainbow in concentric circles that surround a bright center when light is backscattered by water droplets in clouds. Venusian clouds contain sulfuric acid, which could also cause light to reflect backwards and produce a glory. The Venus Express orbiter was situated between Venus and the Sun at a distance of about 6000 km from the planet when the glory was observed having a width of about 1200 km. With the intensity being higher than expected, there may be chemicals other than sulfuric acid involved in producing the glory.

Glories can often be produced when the shadow of an object is cast upon clouds, with the halo appearing to surround the shadow. An observer must be between the Sun and the clouds upon which the shadow has been cast in order for the phenomenon to be seen. It is common to observe a glory from a plane when the Sun casts a shadow on the clouds below.

Not only may this phenomenon reveal more about the chemical composition of the atmosphere of Venus, but it has provided a spectacular glimpse of a glory on a world other than our own for the very first time.