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April 24, 1915. Never forget.

historyofarmenia: Photo: The Armenian Pantheon of Gods on Mount…


Photo: The Armenian Pantheon of Gods on Mount Nemrut

Erected in 63 BC by King Antiochus I Theos of the Orontid Dynasty of the Armenian Kingdom of Kamakh (Commagene) located in the southwest of historic Armenia, today in the republic of Turkey. Traditional themes of Eagles and Lions trademark to Armenian imagery and identification.

SOURCE: Monarchy Of Historic Armenia - FB

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Infographic Poster - The Armenian Genocide by Kiara.W

for those who can’t see
red circles = massacres 
arrows = death marches 
dark orange = current armenia
orange = historic armenia [now turkish territory]

58% of total population dead
1,500,00 men,women & children

The appalling incidents of the genocide against the armenian population by  the Ottoman government from 1915-1923 result in the death of the entire population of historic armenia at the eastern extremity of Anatolia.
Yet this genocide has been misinterpreted as a transfer of Armenian people or deportations. However due to the governments control of press and telegraphs the Armenian massacre occurred outside the eyes of the international press

90% of land and property lost
nearly all of historic Armenia

Along with the loss of life, the Armenian population lost goods and property through systematic state confiscation. Through mass deportations, Armenians were forced to leave non-transportable property behind such as homes,farms,buildings,lands and personal wealth. Goods and property were passed over to the government and thus it was controlled by other government officials. With this control the continued genocide and deportation of Armenians continued without much resistance    

Events in conjunction : Greek Genocide 900,000 ,(deaths) Assyrian Genocide 750,000(deaths)