The Top Three Prime Factors of 2014

The Top Three Prime Factors of 2014:
3. Fifty-three
A rare showing for one of the less flashy primes, 53 factored into the year for the first time since 1961, nonetheless proving essential in 2014’s final calculation.
2. Two
Nobody multiplies more elegantly than 2, a reliable mathematical workhorse and biennial favorite among calendar year factors, and in an even year like 2014 it really shone, fully doubling its fellow factors to reach the final multiple.
1. Nineteen
2014 was a great year and a great multiple for 19. The highest under-20 prime showed great utility in multiplying by two other well-respected prime numbers, and brought to the equation its own unique mathematical value. We’re looking forward to what 19 will factor into next!
Honorable Mention: One
Though not a prime and therefore not eligible, the multiplicative impact of 1 on 2014 was so essential that noting so would almost be redundant.