Springing Summer with J’Adomes!

Hey superpals! I’m hitting 5 cities for some June fun - fune? - before I take a July hiatus - juliatus! Rounding ‘er out with Arizona, New York, Colorado, Tennessee and Virginia. All these show venues are new to me, so come out and say hi after! 

As always, my shows are very queer-friendly. If you’re gay, say hey! If you’re a homophobe, suck one! (That is actually probably the best advice for homophobes: just suck one and chill out.)

Standup Scottsdale
Scottsdale, Arizona (Y’know, Phoenix-ish.)
THU 5/30 - SAT 6/1
5 shows, plus I’m hoping to learn some libertarian prepper survival tips!

John Oliver’s New York Standup Show - FREE!
New York City (That’s right, Gotham! The Big Apple! Dreamsville!)
TUE 6/4 - 7:30 pm at Webster Hall!
Me + Pete Holmes, Nick Turner, Sarah Schaefer, Reggie Watts, more!

ComedyWorks Denver (Downtown)
Denver, Colorado (duh)
WED 6/5 - SUN 6/9
7 shows for 7 brothers! One of them’s gotta be down to bone, right?

Bonnaroo Music & Arts Festival
Manchester, Tennessee
SAT 6/15 - SUN 6/16
Got shows with David Cross, Comedy Bang Bang and more all weekend!

Arlington Cinema & Drafthouse
Arlington, Virginia
FRI 6/28 - SAT 6/29
2 shows! DC weirdos please come outnumber the police state thugs!

After that, who knows? Well I do, so I’ll tell you: Oregon in August, Indiana in September and Georgia in October. But that’s all so very far away now.

(Photo: Charlie Sotelo)