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World Press Freedom Day, Redux

Additional imagery from Reporters Without Borders to go along with our earlier post.

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“China BAD! Russia BAD! Iran, Syria, North Korea BAD BAD BAD!”


Sorry, Reporters Without Borders. It is cowardly and lazy to focus on anti-US “dictators” as anti-press when you all know the United States is brutally cracking down on whistleblowers and press freedoms with its own ferocious censorship culture, intimidating and locking up journalists and leakers if they say the wrong thing about the US police state.

If you don’t know about US press censorship, then you’re not perceptive enough to be in the journalism business. But more likely you are very clearly aware of US villainy, and you’re shilling for the West, because your morality has been replaced by a loyalty to class, career and empire. Again: cowardly.

Stop the shameful fantasy that the West is free. Stop it now before it kills us all.